We Sold Our House!! Before and After Photos

It doesn't seem that long ago that we put our very first house up on the market. October 27th of 2014 to be exact. Cleaning and showings and open houses and one failed offer and finally after 4 months of uncertainty, it finally sold. Looking back, 4 months wasn't that long to wait, but it felt like eternity at the time. Roger had been working in our new city since September 2014 and by the time I had transitioned to a new job there in January 2015, we were tired of the commute and the 5:30am wake-ups. Also, we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor of our master bedroom (in preparation for the move) and we were tired of that too. We actually moved out of our old house and into our new house on the same day. During a snowstorm in February. My husband made 3 trips, over 90 km each way, to move all our stuff. Almost 600 km! He is crazy strong and amazing. I don't think we reflected on this scenario hard enough when we made our decision to move again!
Luckily the selling process went A LOT smoother this time around. We put our house on the market on a Tuesday, held off offers until Thursday, and received an official offer on Friday night. Just 3 days! The offer was conditional on a home inspection and financing, so we had a harrowing week and a half waiting for all the details to be finalized. It's now very much a reality - we are DEFINITELY moving! In three weeks! We're not stressing (too much) about our impending move because our new house is only a couple of kilometres away and we have 10 days between our closing dates. We hired a professional moving company to move our furniture and Roger and I will be able to make trips back and forth on evenings and weekends to move the small things. It'll be a lot of work, especially with a baby, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that our new house is beautiful! I'm giddy with excitement thinking about it. It has a bigger yard, an updated kitchen, and is overall smaller and easier to baby-proof. And there's a pond! Henry can feed the ducks.
With our last house, I really enjoyed sharing photo updates of various DIY home projects as they happened - new floors here, new chairs there, new powder room, etc., etc. I carried on the tradition in our new house for the first couple of projects, but then life ultimately got in the way (hi, Henry!) and long story short I have a backlog of updates to share. The best part about home makeovers are the before and after photos though, right?
P.S. Some of the photos (the good ones... you'll know) were taken by the professional photography company hired by our realtors. Their lenses work wonders! Front entrance
  • exterior door paint (Benjamin Moore)
  • wall paint (Benjamin Moore, Edgecomb Grey)
  • door paint (Benjamin Moore, Palladium Blue)
  • scraped popcorn ceiling
  • I SO wanted to paint the stair railing and balusters like I did in our last home, but in doing so, we'd also want to replace the carpet with laminate... too big and expensive of a project
  • paint (Benjamin Moore, Cloud White)
  • cabinet paint (Fusion Mineral Paint)
  • custom cabinetry above and to the right of the fridge
  • potlights in ceiling
  • updated light fixtures
  • new stainless appliances
  • subway tile backsplash
  • new windows
  • had we stayed, I would have LOVED to have installed (aka have someone build for me) a built-in breakfast nook below the window
Family Room 
  • wall paint (Benjamin Moore, Amber Grey)
  • bookshelf paint (Benjamin Moore, Cloud White)
  • new light fixtures
  • new windows
Living Room
  • paint (Benjamin Moore, Cloud White)
Dining Room 
  • wall paint (Benjamin Moore, Hale Navy)
  • trim paint (Benjamin Moore, Cloud White)
  • new light fixture
Powder Room
  • paint (Benjamin Moore, Hale Navy)
  • painted vanity and replaced hardware
  • laminate flooring
  • new above-countertop sink and faucet
  • new mirror and light fixture
Laundry Room
  • paint (Benjamin Moore, Palladium Blue)
  • new window
  • We did nothing to the cabinets because they are a HUGE selling feature to people with cats that love litter boxes in cupboards under sinks in laundry rooms.
  • new plank-style laminate flooring
  • wall paint (Benjamin Moore, Edgecomb Grey)
  • bookshelf paint (Benjamin Moore, Cloud White)
  • new cascading light fixture (oh how I am going to miss that bright orbital thing!)
  • new hardwood stair nose expertly varathaned to perfectly match the laminate
Guest Bathroom
  • wall paint (Benjamin Moore, Alpine White) - matching almond fixtures is tough, but I think we did it!
  • painted vanity and replaced hardware
  • new window with frosted glass
  • laminate flooring
  • new mirror
Master Bedroom 
  • paint (Benjamin Moore, Green Tint)
  • new plank-style laminate flooring (installed 2 days before Henry was born)
Master Bathroom 
  • paint (Benjamin Moore, Palladium Blue)
  • subway tile on 3 walls
  • new walk-in shower
  • replaced tub
  • new fancy hands-free flush toilet
  • hardwood-inspired tile flooring
  • new double vanity with marble countertop
  • new fixtures and mirrors
  • custom cabinetry
  • paint (Benjamin Moore, colour discontinued)
  • new window
  • plank-style laminate flooring
Now that we've sold, my biggest hope is that the new homeowners enjoy our home as much as we do.  We're not sure how many kids they have, but it would be ideal if they had a big enough family to really utilize all the space. It's bittersweet to move; however, our new house will suit our current lifestyle better and we're happy to have capitalized on all the work we did in t