Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!

Love in a Manilla Folder I'm a sucker for holidays. What better excuse to dress up, make crafts, and bake things than Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, Canada Day, etc.! Regardless of my relationship status, Valentine's Day is just another day for me to get my creative on. It's easy to hate on V-Day if we fall into its consumeristic trap, but when you strip away the spending, all that remains is L-O-V-E and fun ideas on how to spread it. Yes, I believe that we should shower our loved ones with affection each and every day of the year, but let's face it--sometimes we forget to show how much we care. Doing sweet things on the 14th of February may not atone for our forgetfulness, but it's a step. I have made up a list of Valentine's ideas, some of which are free! If you're taken... 
  1. Take your sweetie skating. There’s nothing cuter than gliding hand-in-hand, especially if it is snowing.
  2. Make heart-shaped Jello-Jigglers. All you need is red Jello, a large Tupperware container, and cookie cutters. (These items are easy to find at the Dollar Store.)
  3. Dress up in your best formal attire and enjoy a nice candlelight dinner - at home, or at a restaurant.
  4. Compile a playlist for your love with romantic or sentimental songs. Or make a collage!
  5. At midnight, bundle up in your warmest winter wear, choose a destination and meet up to lie in the snow and look at the stars together.
If you’re single and looking for love... 
  1. If you like someone in one of your classes, secretly slip a cute note into their binder or if you’re daring, write your number on their notepad. If they don’t call at least you can be proud of your boldness.
  2. Casually ask your potential lover if they’d like to go for coffee. Every relationship has to start somewhere...
  3. Throw a V-Day Party! Decorate the room/apartment/house with paper hearts and ask everyone to throw their name into a hat. At the end of the night draw names. Ta-da! Who knew it was so easy to play Cupid?
  4. Do you have a cute friend that you know another friend would fall head-over-heels for? Play matchmaker and set them up on a blind date. Trust your friend to return the favour and make it a double!
  5. Have a rose delivered to that special someone. Attach a subtle clue that hints at your identity.
If you’re happy where you are... 
  1. Who says you need a date to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Have some much needed "me time" - have a bubble bath or watch a movie!
  2. Eat chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Without having to share. Yay!
  3. Get together with your friends and write cheesy love poems. Make them as silly as possible and distribute them to anyone that looks as though they need a good laugh.
  4. Wear red, pink and white or hearts if you can and take advantage of the opportunity to be creative with your clothing choices.
  5. If you live in an apartment: Choose two random rooms on a certain floor (or every floor, depending on how much time you have). Make a Hershey’s Kiss chocolate trail between the two. Knock loudly on the doors. Hide in the hallway so you can witness the confusion when your subjects meet in the middle.
Have fun! I will have updates on my romantic plans tomorrow! 🙂