Trying to Tundra-stand the true meaning of Christmas

 Brrrrrrrr. I absolutely love making berry smoothies for breakfast, but they make me so chilly for what seems like hours afterwards. This morning was no exception. I walked into the kitchen feeling very warm (hence the tank top) and immediately following my first sip I had to put on a big cozy sweater and brew myself a hot cup of tea. Right now I have a heater pack on my lap and a puppy looking up at me like I'm the meanest dog-mum in the world. Tundra is having a hard time choosing who to hang out with this morning. Between me focusing my attention on my computer screen and Roger playing Call of Duty he's feeling a wee bit slighted. Please note his "why you is no play with me?" face. Yesterday he displayed a similar complex. It's his first Christmas and he's bursting with curiosity about all that is festive. Yesterday I turned the kitchen into a gift wrapping workshop and he went nuts. He wanted to help me tear the tape, he wanted to chew on the scissors and he even went so far as to eat a bit of the wrapping paper. I love his enthusiasm, but it was too much. We made a barricade of boxes and he peered at me above a make-shift cardboard wall until I was done. Roger got him a little doggie stocking to hang on the mantle; he thought that was food too. He's the most darlingest thing going, but he's freaking mess-making machine. I think I must scratch my idea of buying him a big dog bed for Christmas; he would tear it to shreds in seconds. I can't even imagine how excited he'll be when I start my holiday baking... good thing he's cute!  


2 thoughts on “Trying to Tundra-stand the true meaning of Christmas

  1. Bruni Gehrmann says:

    You just gotta love does it feel to have your First Christmas in your own home?
    You now have a place to display last years present.

  2. britney6793 says:

    It feels great and it’s definitely fun to decorate the place. I have the candles up on the mantle with our stockings!

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