The Other Kind of Driving

So we went to the driving range today! đŸ™‚

It was probably one of the best impulsive decisions we've had in a while (other than testing king-sized mattresses and baking brownies as we did last week). Roger recently joined the league of accountants--golf is their summer thing, I'm told--and I'd like to step up my game in case I'm called up to be his partner on the green. Obviously my goal is to beat him at his own game one day! I'm not terrible by any means, but I could definitely benefit from some practice.

I feel that golf is one of those sports where you can unsuspectingly "wow" someone. I love that. Say you spend some time on the putting green and sink a few hole-in-ones. Neat. Say you hit a few straight balls over the 200 yard line at the driving range. Cool. But when you put that all together and score terrifically on the course when others happening to be watching... now that is impressive! It is a dream of mine to master the art of golf, hit the course proclaiming to be an "amateur" and then absolutely DOMINATE. Even if I had to buy everyone beer at the end, I wouldn't care. I would bask in the glory of my awesome golf skills.

I'm not quite there yet. Not even close. But I did have a jumbo bucket-load of fun today!

Regardless of your skill level, golf is a great way to let off steam and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Golf Balls

Beautiful day.

Driving Range

Teeing off. We bought tees and then found an unopened 500 pack in Roger's bag. Haha.


Trying to find my perfect set-up.

Gearing up

He swings.

Roger swings

She swings.

Golf swing

We look happy now, but we are going to be SO SORE tomorrow.

Golf Day

Totally worth it. This is what sunny days are FORE.