The Big Reveal: Our New Living Room!

I promised that I would keep you posted on the final stages of our living/dining room makeover and I'm happy to announce that our vision is almost complete. Last week we endured our biggest project yet: Installing bamboo flooring WITHOUT the help of mine or Roger's dad. When I say "we", I clearly mean Roger. I helped tear out the baseboards and stubborn floor staples, but when it comes to the brains and the brawn behind the process, Roger definitely takes the cake. (I did; however, make the cookies!)

I won't go into detail about the actual installation because honestly I didn't really follow along. Roger's the handy one and I was in my own little world painting the banister. I do know that we saved up for and purchased bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators for a fraction of the retail price. We bought the under matting as well: It is said to reduce noise and save on heating costs. Thankfully we borrowed an air compressor from a friend and a nailer, skill saw and jig saw from a neighbour. Having a contractor next door is a young homeowner's greatest gift.

I cried tears of joy when I saw that awful pink carpet go.

Sept 3 - SIlent Spectator

Our piano has a temporary home in the front foyer--perfect for preventing Tunders from going insane at the door when we come home from work. Do you like it? Do you think I should paint it white?

Sept 3 - Piano in the foyer

No more carpet equals time to vacuum up 25 years of dust!

Sept 3 - No carpet

... and mould. Ew. Roger used bleach to scrub it out.

Sept 3 - Dog help

Mr. Curious likes to sneak a peak once in a while. The poor guy was so sad he couldn't be part of the fun.

Sept 3 - Dog face

Halfway there!

Sept 3 - Hardwork

Admiring Roger's skills...

Sept 3 - Awesome

Three days later and it's done!! We have a beautiful floor and two newly functional rooms! Now all we need is nice trim and some furniture (which is already picked out and set to arrive in the next month or so.)

Sept 7 - Lengthwise

Oh, and we must also hang our pictures.

Sept 7 - Pictures to hang

The best part was lying on the floor at the end surrounded by our hard work and a big happy dog. It's amazing how quickly a house can feel like home.

Sept 7 - Red chair

Now that's a makeover! 🙂

House - Living:Dining Before Sept 7 - I am dog                            


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