Sunfest Saturday – My Day in Pictures

I speak for both Jess and I when I say we had an absolute blast this weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon immersed in vibrant colour under sunny skies. Sunfest, an annual free-admission event, is set against a backdrop of Canadian and international musical talent and is not only a pleasure to hear; it is a pleasure to experience with all five senses. Ethnic eats, soul-driven music, cultured clothing and hand-crafted artistry dotted our local park and attracted visitors and vendors from plane rides away. It was a wonderful way to enjoy summer in the city and learn about diverse cultures from all over the globe!

On the Lawn

Jolly Jumper

Recycled Bone Necklaces

Primary Colours

Chip and dip


Break it Buy it

Tribal Necklace

Buy whatever


Crazy pants


Tea set

Little Buddhas

Maxi Skirt

Fruit bowls


Dining Outdoors

Jungle fire

Ridiculous Burgers

 Girls in sun