Stocks, bonds, and… dogs?

Another job, another course. What can I say? I love learning! The first couple of days at my new position have been great so far. The atmosphere is super friendly, my team is fun and enthusiastic, and the study material is both interesting and challenging. Plus we got free pizza on the first day and casual dress days all week! 🙂 Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my little break from the working world, I'm very happy to be back in the heart of it. We've launched right into Series 7 training, so my next 12 weeks will consist of stocks, bonds, options, etc. I'm on a quest for knowledge that will prepare me for an exciting career in the finance industry! Finances Knowledge is a key component of success and so is... a dog. Seriously. My dog has been an essential part of my learning process for the simple reason that he has stuck by my side (literally) as I have prepped myself for all my professional exams. I believe there's a strong correlation between exam performance and puppy cuteness. Allow me to demonstrate through a series of pictures.

Baby Tundra always kept a firm grip on my calculator so I wouldn't lose sight of it during my insurance exams:

Cutie boo

He joined me in Yoga stretches when I needed a break:

Study puppy

He took it upon himself to restrain me when I tried to procrastinate:

Little guy

All that puppy power and I PASSED! So now I'm making it a habit to study as much as I can in the presence of a Tundra.

At the moment he is watching me like "Mum, why aren't you sitting on the floor with me so I can eat your books like old times?"

Study helping

"Why are you putting things in my bed?"

Calculator Dog

And the most common, "Can I sit in your lap, please?"

Lap dog

One of the many pros to working again is having Tundra greet me at the door after a long day. Always too excited for words... or in his case, barks.

Happy dog

Okay, I'm done. That's more than enough dog pictures from the Crazy Dog Lady for one day. Back to highlighting!