So Long Sweet Summer

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and there's a slight hint of nostalgia in the air. Gone are the days of suntanning, beach hair, and short shorts. Behind us are fresh cherries and walks on the shore. We say goodbye to convertible drives and busy bee hives; hello to hot cups of joe and eventually snow. I hate to admit it, but Mother Nature has spoken and Summer has passed. The time has come again to switch sides of the bed (a must with each season) and break out the cozy sweaters and closed-toe boots.

With the passing of time comes the excitement of what's to come. Before I welcome in another beautiful Canadian Autumn, I'd like to take a moment to remember Summer 2013.

I have faith that its sweetness will linger for quite some time.

Sept 22 - Watermelon Love

I will never forget the kisses and the wine...

Sept 22 - Kiss

Cherries by the dozen...

Sept 22 - Cherries

Sea-shores visits...

Sept 22 - Summer Beach

Dorky photo shoots on the beach...

Sept 22 - Summer

Swimming with the biggest dog...

Sept 22 - Love this

A hundred different road trips...

Sept 22 - Dog Trip

Tundra hating to leave the awesome places we'd seen...

Sept 22 - Summer's End

And baking every Sunday.

Sept 22 - Baking

It's unbelievable how fast time flies. Do you remember how long the summer felt when you were eleven? Nothing to do and nothing to prove--summer was an endless collage of crafts, forts, sprinklers, and swimming lessons. School crept up so slowly and when it came, it felt like forever since we'd last seen our classmates. Now all we have to do is blink and we'd miss the season all-together.

In this fast-paced world we live in all we can do is enjoy today. Take each moment for what it is and savour all its fleeting brilliance.

Peace out, Summertime. Can't wait to meet again next year!

Sept 22 - Short Shorts