Serenity, Tea & Sunsets: A Long Weekend at Home

Tea. Cake. Poolside drinks. Seeing friends.Tanning. Reading. Boating. That's what long weekends are made of. Happy Belated Canada Day! It is quite fitting that I preface my weekend recap with a quote about tea. Not only does it mirror my very sentiments towards the substance, it also speaks to the sensibility that the body and mind must unwind and be rejuvenated after and before each work week, if and when circumstances allow. Saturday and Sunday provided the perfect little escape for me. The extra Monday was a bonus.

Tea Wisdom

That Tea Emperor of China was a very smart man. To him, I raise my cup. On another uplifting note, one of my bestest friends is home!! Naaz left Canada for 4 years to get a head start on her professional life in the U.S. Now she's finally back which means two things: Her design skills are most welcome to infiltrate my home and our combined consumption of chai tea is about to increase sevenfold. We had the chance to meet up for tea this weekend. A new chapter has begun...


We chatted over tea lattes and soon joined our besties for a girls' luncheon. It's crazy how much the topics of discussion have changed since our high school days. If someone told us we'd all be talking about new houses, new careers, and life goals in 6 years, we would have laughed.

Tea date

Later that day, while the young men of the house were golfing, my mom and dad and I spent the afternoon reading and watching the dogs. I love sitting by the pool deck feeling overwhelmed by how much nature is around me. Peonies are my most favourite flower. My mom grows them in two of her gardens and I hope to one day do the same.

Favourite Flowers

One of the reasons that we travelled to my parents' house (as if we actually needed a reason) was to visit my brother, Grant. He turned 22 this weekend! There are benefits to knowing a professional pastry chef, this delectable dessert is one of them... Chocolate mousse with fresh fruit and a chocolate ganache.

Grant's Cake

Then we attended a little bonfire to kick off the birthday festivities.

Grant, Michael, Roger & I took the boat out for a quick ride the next day. As the only girl, I had to take on the responsible "mom" role: I practiced my simultaneous wakeboard spotting/videography skills and tried not to freak out when they drove too fast. Fail.


The sunset over the lake was beautiful. If only we had one more night of this...

Sunset on the Lake

And then I came home and made chocolate and dark cherry brownies. That was it. It was the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend at home--on a indulgently sweet note. Now, as we bask in the afterglow of cottage country relaxation we are starting to dream of owning a cottage of our own. Late-night stargazing, the sound of the water lapping against the shore, margaritas on the patio... we could definitely get used to that.