My New Car: Say Hello to Mambo # 5

One, two, three, four, five everybody in the car so come on let's ride! I know I said I'd probably never write another car post, but in light of recent events, I simply can't avoid it. Yep, I FINALLY BOUGHT A NEW CAR!! Well, actually it's a not a car. It's a van... a sportier version of a van. I had been researching vehicles for a while and after test driving a few compact cars I came to an epiphany--I didn't want a car. I was benchmarking every single vehicle to my (t)rusty old Caravan! I wanted optimal visibility, a higher vantage point, and enough trunk space to fit a large dog sitting comfortably. That's when I switched gears and started looking at small size SUVs and minivans. Go big or go home, right? I really liked the Kia Sorento, Ford Escape, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Nissan Rogue for their looks, but the Mazda 5 so happened to meet my criteria and my price point. What sealed the deal was the fact that it was available right away. Everyone was so nice to me the day that I picked it up. To kick things off, the receptionist at the dealership offered me homemade cookies and tea. Whilst reading a girly magazine in the waiting room, multiple employees struck up conversations with me about my impending purchase and whether or not I was enjoying said tea--apparently their selection is "auto" this world. It felt so surreal to have the keys handed over to me and even more so to drive it home, knowing that it was mine. I now have not one, but two vans in my driveway. (Still trying to figure out how to retire the other one...) Let me know if you want me to drive your kids to soccer! 😉 Mambo # 5


3 thoughts on “My New Car: Say Hello to Mambo # 5

  1. britney6793 says:

    I’ll be so impressed if he lasts until you have your G2! I’ll cross my fingers!

  2. bruni gehrmann says:

    I’m not surprised you opted again for the comfort of a van. Tundra will be a lot happier riding in it and you always have room for your friends. so you’ll be he official driver. ha, ha. enjoy! doesn’t it feel good to know it’s all yours.

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