Counting Down ‘Til Christmas: Random Acts of Kindness

There's no denying it: I have gone from Summer loving to Christmas crazy all in a matter of days. It must be something in the air--snow perhaps? 😉 Anyways, I've jumped on the holiday spirit train and as you can imagine, I am only a few days shy of blasting Christmas music and eating candy canes for breakfast.

With the holiday season just around the corner, I've started thinking about ways to increase my karma points (HELLO Santa's “nice” list) by showing friends, loved ones, and even strangers that I care. I say it's never too early to kickstart the giving season and the best way to do it—random acts of kindness!

I’ve compiled a list of ideas to help make the holiday lead-up merry and bright:

1.)   You know the old Pay It Forward trick, but what about the Pay it Back? Tim Hortons drive-thrus are a well-known breeding ground for kindness conga lines. Spare a few dollars and front the bill for the car behind you.

2.)   Be extra generous, even if all you get in return is a smile. Last year a gentleman offered to pay for my meter parking as I was out of change. All he asked for in return was that I pass on the gesture to someone else.

3.)   Go through your closet and donate your neglected gently-worn items to a Clothing Giveaway. A warm coat can go a long way on a cold day, even if it looks like something your aunt’s friend’s cousin’s grandma would wear!

4.)   Offer to shovel snow for a neighbour or take their dog for a walk.

5.)   Send yummy baked goods in the mail.

6.)    ‘Tis the season for tax write-offs; please put a penny in the old man’s hat… or support your charity of choice.

7.)   Volunteer at a soup kitchen to help those uprooted from their homes and in need of a hearty meal and friendly conversation.

8.)   Be a friend. The holidays can also be a sad time for some. Set time aside to catch up and show old acquaintances that they aren’t forgotten.

9.)   Let someone go in line in front of you at the grocery store, even if they have more items than you.

10.) Adopt a kitten.

You’ll be racking up the karma points in no time! (I went ahead and crossed #3 off my list this weekend. I was enveloped in snow in the process, but it was well worth it!)

December 25 - Donation

Despite my freezing toes, it was a win-win situation. This highly inaccessible large green box is now full of pre-loved treasures AND Roger and I have more space in our closets!

December 25 - Snow

Stay tuned for more exciting holiday adventures!