A Lot of Rain and a Little Gold

Hello everyone on this rainy Monday! It has been a dreary day and is turning out to be an even drearier evening. Nightfall is upon us and it's STILL raining in my neighbourhood. Roger and I are sipping Orange Pekoe with our laptops set up like the Battleship game, being serenely anti-social as we type in tune. This is precisely the kind of weather that makes me want to crawl under the covers and watch movies all day. The rain makes me miss being eleven years old when hiding from the downpour was not only an option, but an expectation. Sure, we (my older brother and I) could venture outside if we wanted to, but I preferred the art of blanket fort design and staying in with Mary-Kate & Ashley movies. Safe and sound from wet hair, worms, and mucky puddles. There were perks to being the older and wiser sister; my "coolness" was not questioned until later years. Thankfully this morning was a little brighter than it is now and I had the sense to throw on a dress for work (black to suit the day of course). The little hint of gold in my attire foreshadowed the type of day I was in for: I am participating in a stock trading contest at work and my team increased our portfolio by $40 000 during market hours! Even though we're only dealing with fake money, it's still pretty exhilarating to strategize and see our account grow. Unfortunately, movie days are a thing of the past for working adults. We transition from forts to cubicles as we seek shelter from the rain. Here's a few photos of what I wore while pretending to be a high-powered investor:

July 8 - Porch

July 8 - Back

My dress is from Forever 21.

July 8 - Hello Nails

July 8 - Face

I like the gold accents on the collar.

July 8 - Black

And then it rained and rained and rained and it's still raining.