Polka dot polka dot polka dot PANTS

Good morning!!!

So fantastic news... I passed my Series 7 exam on Monday!! The exam was 6 hours in total and of course I took the whole time to write because that's how I roll. I can't even describe the excitement I felt when the time was up and I saw my mark flash onto the screen. Let's just say if someone handed me a bottle of champagne I would have drank it in 10 seconds flat, hugged a few strangers, and passed out on the spot.

I studied my butt off and had the zombie look to prove it. Now I'm on to bigger and better things (once I pass my Series 63 in two weeks)!

I have two distinct rituals to choose from after an exam. One involves crying. The second one involves shopping. Both involve wine.

Seeing that this attempt was a major success, I hit up the mall and treated myself to polka-dot pants (among other things)! My mom actually bought these first and I copied her. I simply adore them! I found them at the Gap.

Fancy pants

I called ALL the drug stores and beauty supply outlets in the city asking if they carried "bun foundations" for sock buns (because Tundra might have eaten my last one.) With no luck, I ended up making myself an easy-peasy sock bun with a rolled up sock. (All you have to do is cut the foot part out of the sock first.) Amazing!

Please take note: The tree branches are close to the same colour as my hair; they look as though they are growing out of it.

Polka dot pants



I love zippers on shirts. This one adds a lot of character to an otherwise lack-luster shirt.

View from the back

Don't mind the crooked pictures... some nights I get super excited for bedtime that I knock things off the walls.

Hallway stairs


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  1. bruni gehrmann says:

    Love the polka dot pants. amazing how everything comes back in style. found the leather gloves and put them aside till we see each other again. Wednesday following we’re off to Germany. 6 glories weeks.

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