Our Wedding Day Details

"I promise to encourage your compassion, nurture your dreams, budget your spending, and prepare our taxes. I also vow to always appreciate how lucky I am to have someone who makes me feel the way you do and to continue to try as hard as I can to make you feel as special as you make me feel, indefinitely" "I promise to cherish the life we make together, to support you always, and to never hold you in contempt. I promise to celebrate all of your successes no matter how small, to inspire you when you need the motivation, and to hold your hand through all life's challenges. I promise to always pick you up from the airport, to make you cups of tea, and to hug you abundantly." On July 18th 2015 I married my best friend. Surrounded by our loving families and dearest friends, Roger and I recited our personal vows during a beautiful lakeside ceremony. We were teary-eyed and shaky, but ever-so-happy to be embarking on this new life journey together... one of sleepover parties and never-ending spreadsheets. (If you were there, you'll get the joke.) I thought I'd share a few snapshots of our day, partly because I haven't blogged in weeks, but mostly because of how proud I am that everything came together so perfectly. Full disclosure: I was not a fan of the wedding planning process. It downright stressed me out. I called upon Roger, my mom, and my Maid of Honour to help me with most of the big decisions and I left a lot of the small details to the last minute. Like my hair... I didn't decide what to do with it until the morning of. And my accessories... you'd think after a year engagement I'd remember to buy matching earrings. I was never the girl to fantasize about her wedding day. The dress, the shoes, the decorations - they didn't faze me much. What I always dreamed about was the man who I would someday call my husband, what would he be like, and how would I feel about him, not just standing at the altar, but weeks afterwards when all the flowers wilted and the honeymoon was over. Wedding planning was really hard and I know marriage isn't easy, but it is already a whole lot more fun! Please enjoy! xoxo

Roger and Britney-12 Roger and Britney-18

Roger and Britney-10