Observations on Becoming a Mom

As a first-time mom, each day brings a new adventure. Babies grow and change so fast that it feels like our Henry is checking off milestones so quickly by the day. Three weeks ago he was so small that he could barely fit into newborn clothes; now he's just over 8 pounds and not looking so tiny in his car seat anymore. He's grabbing our fingers with his little fists, lifting his head up at tummy time, and making sucking noises and funny faces when he's hungry. I feel like I know him so much more than I did yesterday and love him just a little more as well. I know that every moment is fleeting and we have to enjoy them all, even the sleepy midnight feedings and the non-stop diaper changes because they too will pass. Some days are more challenging than others, but all days are rewarding and fun. Here's my personal experience of life with baby:
  • time stops when you're cuddling with a sleeping baby on your chest
  • staring at baby is a fulfilling activity
  • not having pregnancy heartburn is amazing, especially because you're starving all the time
  • you have a new appreciation for moms with twins (how do they do it?)
  • your boobs actually know when baby is hungry
  • you might as well throw out all your underwire bras
  • and any shirts that can't easily be pulled down or off
  • cold tea/coffee is perfectly okay and still enjoyable to drink
  • rubbing your eyes while exclaiming "this is the most tired I've ever felt" is a nightly occurrence
  • never have you ever done so much laundry in your life
  • getting peed on/pooped on is no big deal
  • nap time is anytime
  • baby hickies are a real thing (Roger can attest to this)
  • exercise is going up and down the stairs for a zillion diaper changes
  • your uniform consists of yoga pants, running shoes, and a t-shirt with milk stains on it
  • you will feel like a rockstar every time you shower
  • bonus points for managing to do your hair
  • online shopping is no longer a guilty pleasure but a necessity
  • "me" time is doing anything at all while baby is sleeping
  • going for a walk outside with baby is the best thing ever
  • being woken up by baby every 3 hours instead of 2 is cause for celebration
  • drinking alcohol again for the first time is exhilarating, even if it's only half a beer after feeding baby
  • you will rack your brain trying to remember the words to nursery rhymes and then opt for singing "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur" over and over again
  • you will sadly realize you've kissed baby a million times and your spouse only once
  • your spouse will be okay with this because they are also a zombie
  • you will rekindle your love for children's books
  • you'll wonder how anyone did this parenting thing before Google
  • your new hero is your own mom
All that said, it's so very worth it. IMG_2366