Lavish Parties, Love, Wine & Chocolate Fountains: The Modern Day Jane Austen Weekend

I am a happy girl. I just experienced one of the best weekends that I have had in a long time. Not only was the weather absolutely perfect, but I felt truly satisfied on Sunday evening--like I squeezed in everything that I should have done and wanted to do. It was an amazing feeling. I am usually the reflective one in our relationship, but Roger got me thinking this time. Sometimes we are so busy that we neglect to take time to simply revel in how good things are. We spent half the weekend apart and the other half together and both parts were equally great. It's so important for couples to have their own livelihoods outside of the activities they share together. It makes you appreciate each other's company even more.

I kickstarted the weekend with joining a book club. OMGOSH I've wanted to join a book club ever since I was a little girl. The very thought of is so wonderfully debonair that I practically channel Jane Austen merely thinking about it. How divine would it have been to chit-chat about literature whilst sipping Lady Grey and nibbling on petit-fours in the early 1800s? Oh, if only...

I had a long-winded inner conversation with myself as to whether I would embrace the new book in its electronic or paperback format. My fingers longed for the rough pages of a tangible novel, but my frugality got the better of me and I christened my Kobo. I'm so glad I did because a.) it was a gift and it was high time that I used it, and b.) the E-pub format was free! Although difficult to read at times due to its upsetting nature, A Stolen Life by 1991 kidnap survivor Jaycee Lee Dugard, provides gripping insight into the complicated relationship between a young girl and her captor. The strength in which the author had to tell her story shows that life can go on even after the unthinkable happens. I would recommend it for a quick read with a box of Kleenex and a glass of wine.

Kobo & Wine

So that was my Thursday night. Just bliss. Roger went to the driving range and I didn't even miss him one bit. We then stayed up till 11 o'clock like badasses and drank a whole bottle of Pinot. Rebels, I tell ya.

Friday night we travelled with the Tunders to Roger's hometown to see a friend of his play in a band. Again, we got a little tipsy on the patio and me and the girls decided that "Blop" was a way funnier way to say "Blog". Oh wine... how creative you are at inventing new words.

Bridal Shower

Roger hit the golf course with buddies on Saturday. I attended a Bridal Shower, which was positively lovely. I didn't know a lot of the bride's friends very well, but they were all very welcoming. As much as I enjoyed myself (and the Peach Sangria!) the whole scene made me miss my girls at home so very much. I wouldn't change where I'm living now, but I wish I lived closer to my girl friends so we could get together more often. I miss them!

We had dinner at Roger's dad's house on Saturday night--Gluten-free pizza--yummy! I finished the night by turning the last page on my Kobo.

When Sunday morning came, it almost felt like a bonus. The Book Club meeting scheduled for Sunday night also happened to be a surprise Baby Shower (my first one!) so buying baby books was an excuse to hit up the mall.

This is my Sunny Sunday Shopping dress. I bought it last year on a whim from Forever 21 and it's an easy throw-on for humid days.  The shoes are by Ugg. I think I went through withdrawal when Uggs lost popularity in 2008--so much so that I had to buy the sandal version.


I did not care to do my hair in the AM.

Sunday dress

Did I mention that the Book Club/Baby Shower was also a Pyjama Party?! Here I am in my jammies and my slippies to prove it.

Tunders & Jammies

All-in-all I had a jam-packed weekend filled with many firsts, lots of drinks, lots of love, and too much chocolate fondue. My best takeaways? Reading is now my new summer hobby and I can't wait until my friends start getting married so I can go to more Bridal and Baby Showers. I also discovered that time apart from boyfriends is good, but time together is even better.

Baby Shower

It is now time to go to bed. Thank you for reading!