Honeymoon Day 3: Heidelburg, Germany & Bern, Switzerland

The next leg of our Europe trip involved us making our way south down Germany into Switzerland. Roger was pretty excited because it meant driving on the autobahn again. We secured our suitcases into the back of the convertible and left just before the revving engines and squealing tires started in Nurburg. It was a brisk September morning and we weren't yet ready to brave the cold. I snapped this picture before we put the top up. IMG_9304 - Copy I was enamored by the sight of the sun coming up over the fog-filled valleys on our early morning drive. With the windows down we could smell the crisp cool air and the trees. Our souls were happy the whole trip, but especially so at this moment. IMG_9313 Our day was an adventure right from the start. We had no set plans other than hoping to reach Versoix, Switzerland by nightfall. We decided to soak in as much of Germany as we could while still making good time and avoiding heavy commuter traffic. Seeing a castle up close was a must. Having visited Heidelberg Castle when I was 12, I told Roger that it would be a shame not to at least stop in and relive my childhood wonder. It was still as I remembered it, but this time I learned that the University of Heidelberg nestled below its walls is the oldest university in Germany. Perhaps I would have gone there and become a great physicist had I known that when I was in elementary school. IMG_9389 DSC_0056 DSC_0033



The sun came out after our tour of the castle grounds and we drove convertible-style all the way back down the hillside. IMG_9341 Our next stop (after me falling asleep!) was Bern, Switzerland. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site and for good reason. The view was absolutely beautiful from where we parked and it only got better as we walked into the village centre. Unfortunately it was a Monday and by the time we arrived, most of the downtown shoppes had closed. So we claimed our tourist status by ordering gelato! And then I had an allergic reaction to the gelato. I learned my lesson not to try new foods for the first time in foreign places. Luckily it was only a mild reaction. Benedryl has been and always will be my favourite drug. DSC_0071 Albert Einstein did work on the Theory of Relativity in Bern. Roger and I ordered teas in German and felt pretty accomplished too. DSC_0091

The Bern we saw was very quiet. Our short visit was sweet but it left much to the imagination. If we had been there earlier in the summer or for more time we could have witnessed (or joined) people floating down the River Aere, seen the famous bear park, and explored the many museums.

IMG_9369 DSC_0083 DSC_0076 Next stop: Versoix!