Grumpy foodies

I cannot believe it's night time already! Saturdays always seem to fly by when all you really want is for them to last forever. I suppose we did have a pretty productive day with going to the gym, shopping for household items and what-not, but I keep second guessing the clock whenever I glance at it. The only thing I'm sure of is that it's time for wine...

(This is me telepathically requesting for a wine glass to be placed in my hand.)

... nothing yet.

Despite today being rainy and yucky with the temperature dipping just above freezing, we were all in good spirits. I always try to stay optimistic and speak positively regardless of the circumstances. Unlike some people. Grr. While waiting in line to pay at Home Sense, we overheard a woman grouching it up, uttering line after line of negativity. She was complaining about the "stone cold fries" and her distaste for the fact that a restaurant charged her "25 cents for extra dipping sauce". Roger and I were curious as to what restaurant she was referring to. And then she mentioned the chicken sandwich that was "like a chicken nugget on a baguette." Lady, you cannot complain about the quality of a meal if you willingly bought it at McDonalds!

Face palm. Stay home and cook your own fries, dammit. We did tonight and they were yummy!

So today was just an ordinary Saturday afternoon. Here is me getting ready to step outside with my new $8 Joe Fresh t-shirt and my Sperrys.


Family photo courtesy of the self-timer function. I don't care if it's cheesy--this one's a keeper. Poor Tundra looks a little skeptical about the whole ordeal.


And then I changed my shoes because I realized it was raining. Saving the Sperrys for Monday... it's going to be 18 degrees!

Army Green

This is what $100 worth of merchandise from Home Sense looks like (minus the bamboo cutlery drawer that we already put away). We used a gift card and had to buy the chips to round up our total. My favourite item is by far the Olive Oil Spritzer. Goodbye PAM with butane... hello healthy oil alternative that we should have been using all along!


And this is our front entrance light that we installed last weekend! I forgot to post a picture.


Aaaaand telepathic wine summoning has been a success! 🙂