My New Life Mantra

I am happy. I am healthy. I am loved.  That's a mantra I learned in yoga the other day and I've spent my entire weekend trying to live by it. It's amazing how nine little words can put everything into perspective. It's also amazing how restorative a good stretch and meditation can be. It took me a while to listen, but my body and my mind were whispering to me to get back onto the mat. After feeling not quite 100% my optimistic self, I discovered what my soul was missing. How can one expect to be both a warrior and sun goddess in life without building the framework in yoga class? In the kerfuffle of activities and late nights at work, I abandoned my practice over the summer months and to my dismay, my absence caused a substantial decrease in my flexibility and balance. I did attempt intense poses the day after Leg Day (which in hindsight wasn't the smartest idea), but even the simple stretches seemed to hurt. On a positive note, I was still able to be a bridge and a bird with ease! I attended three classes last week and I already am feeling entirely more put together. When life gets you down it's so important to have an outlet to release stress. For me, it's venting to my family (thanks mom and Roger for putting up with me), Ujjayi-breathing it out in yoga, and forcing myself to think positive thoughts until they block out the negative ones. The nine word mantra really resonated within me during my last practice. The key to happiness is seeking every possible way to be happier in the moment you're in. That's why I am focusing on the light. Here are a few of the most happy things in my life right now and the reasons why I am truly blessed:
  • I have a fiance that wakes me up with hugs, puts gas in my car for me, makes me feel instantly better at the end of a long day, gets frozen yogurt with me at 11 o'clock at night, and makes me homemade rice pudding and hot tea
  • I'm getting married in 10 months to my best friend, who also happens to be very handsome
  • We set up our gift registry and are ready to mail out our Save the Dates
  • My bridesmaids are all fantastic (so happy you all love the dresses!) and my maid of honour is an absolute rockstar, keeping all the girls in the loop and me on track with planning
  • I have a job that allows me to live comfortably and contribute to my savings
  • Roger starts a great new job next week
  • I have the most supportive and fun family who are more than willing to help out with wedding plans and will love me unconditionally even if I move farther away
  • I started online courses towards getting my Book Publishing Certificate--a step towards pursuing what I love
I am happy. I am healthy. I am loved. I've known it all along, but I have yoga to thank for bringing the awareness back. Namaste!