Feeling Wavy and Lazy

Hello all! So my alarm went off at 5:30am for work this morning and the last thing I felt like doing was fussing over my silly hair. It's in a weird in-between stage right now--not too short, yet not quite long enough for my liking--and every morning I am fickle as to whether I enjoy it or not. For those who know me, the length of my hair has been a point of frustration for years; I swear it grows to a certain threshold and then simply stops. Lately, I have been trying extra hard to keep it strong and healthy, so I am growing out my highlights (I'm on Week 17!) and I've been taking supplements to make up for what I'm lacking in my diet. Being peanut/nut allergic takes a lot of "good" essential fats off the table, hence I choose to buy them bottled. (Insert Registered Dietician *tsk tsk*ing me here.) I'm also in a love-hate relationship with my current blonde shampoo and conditioner. I currently use the Joyco Sulfate-free duo. Some days it rinses out of my hair no problem and other days I'll be halfway through blow-drying when I get greasy fingers and I need to wash it all over again. At 5:30am I didn't want to take any chances; I simply wanted to roll out of bed, into the shower, and into my clothes without the uncertainty. I made a game-time decision to revive my high school beauty routine... sans putting on my uniform and picking coloured elastics for my braces. I forgot how easy I had it back then--no detangling, no straightening, no problem! Au natural is the best way to go when you're feeling pressed for time.

November 26 - Crazy curls

November 26 - Crazy Hair

It's so much fun to go curly every once in a while. I accomplished this look from start to finish by:

- washing my hair with just shampoo (no conditioner)

- scrunching upwards while towel drying it

- applying gel

- blowdrying the roots on my way out the door

Et voilà!

November 26 - Styling Tools

My favourite part about this hairstyle is when I brush it out before bed. For a girl with very fine hair it's exhilarating to experience a fleeting moment of wildly untameable tresses.

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