Feeling Festive Already… I Blame it on the Snow!

For those that celebrate, December seems to be a socially acceptable time to start decking the halls and jingling the bells in anticipation for the festive season. Growing up, my family always waited until the 6th to start decorating our home--a day that coincided perfectly with my parents' anniversary, the first snowfall, and the coming of an irresistible desire for piping hot cocoa and Christmas carols around the fireplace. Me and my brothers would trim the tree while my mom wrapped garland around the bannisters and my dad tended to the fire. Many wonderful memories were made during those first moments of December. I promised myself that this year--my first year of having my very own decorations--I would carry on the family tradition in my own home. I planned to break out all the glitter and gold on December 6th, or at least until there was enough snow on the windowsills to excuse my eagerness. And then it snowed. It snowed and it snowed and it snowed. Needless to say, after a day and a half of snow squalls my home is feeling quite merry and bright!



Lost my car

There really are two cars trapped under all that snow!



I learned quickly that it's best practice to hang ornaments beyond the reach of large and curious dogs.


And so the Christmas countdown begins! 🙂


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