Day 7 in NYC: Central Park and Cupcakes for Dinner

Brrrr. It's cold here. The best way to beat the chill is to enjoy yourself while being chilly. Decked out in everything double (socks, pants, sweaters), I took advantage of yesterday's sunshine to explore Central Park. The most visited urban park in the United States, Central Park spans 840 acres and provides a sanctuary from the chaos of city life. The park was commissioned in 1857 as a result of a landscape design contest and by 1962 it was named a National Historic Landmark. I can see why; as soon as I entered the park from Merchant's Gate, I was enraptured by its serenity. Horse-drawn carriages promenaded along the paths. Lovers could be seen holding hands. Photographers were kneeling to get the perfect shot. It's an escape from the city with the city in view. It would be the perfect spot to clear your head at lunch on a workday or perhaps seek some exercise on a sunny weekend morning. Jan 29 Bundled Jan 30 Merchant's Gate Jan 30 Horses Jan 30 Double Suns Jan 30 Insta Central Park Jan 30 Central Park
Pleased with myself for embarking out on my own and being one with nature, I ordered cupcakes for dinner. H Bake Shop makes gluten-free desserts and they deliver! The chocolate mocha cupcake on the right was mine--it had cheesecake frosting and an espresso-cream centre!
H Bake Shop
Ta-ta for now. After a coconut macaroon for breakfast again, I'm in dire need of another walking expedition!