Day 4 in NYC: Exploring the Upper West Side

Oh how I love the Upper West Side! Yesterday we took the subway from Columbus Circle to 79th Avenue and Central Park West. In retrospect, Spandex leggings were probably not the best choice for our stroll uptown, but Roger told me I would be sweltering in my first choice of outfit: a layering of three shirts paired with wind-blocking shorty shorts under my pants. Thankfully, we maintained a somewhat stylish look by combining our indoor clothes with warm wool mittens and hats, courtesy of my Nana.

Fave Sweater

First stop of the day: The Museum of Natural History. Shown below are a few photos from our educational day. Asteroids, ancient artifacts, moon rocks, precious gems, DNA samples, butterflies, dinosaurs, volcanoes, you name it... the museum has it all!

Outside of the Museum

A nice gentleman captured our first museum experience together. We definitely look like tourists.

Museum of Natural History



Dino eggs!

Dino Egg

Outside of the Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway.

Solar System

Some words of wisdom.

Theodore Roosevelt

This little Buffalo reminded us so much of Tunders. We had a momentary burst of love for our pup back at home.

Buffalo Tundra

Roger being a blowfish amongst the blowfish.


Roger being a sea lion amongst the Sea Lions. He's lucky I find sea lions most endearing, even at their most boastful and gregarious.

Sea Lions

Ancient art of Central America.


Cross-sections of petrified wood.

Petrified Wood

Following our museum tour, I became enamoured by mid-rise buildings of the Upper West Side. Established in the mid to late 1800s, the primarily residential area is home to cultural hotspots such as Columbia University and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. A few steps into our sightseeing journey, I was overwhelmed with the desire to escape to New York, become a playwright, sip lattes in artsy coffee shops and go for morning yoga in Central Park.

79th Ave

After perusing The Museum of Natural History, we finished off our day with a lovely late-afternoon brunch at Spring Natural Kitchen. Roger had Mayan Eggs with black beans and tortillas and I had the biggest all-Organic chicken salad with fresh veggies. The restaurant atmosphere was quaint and cozy and despite it being 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday, we could spot friends engaged in cocktails and conversation. Oh, how wonderful a life! We wanted to walk through Central Park on our way back to the Condo, but the biting cold postponed our plans; instead we took the subway back downtown amidst die-hard Rangers fan in every possible combination of red and blue.

Organic Lunch

We made it back to Columbus Circle just in time for tea!
Columbus Circle
There's so much to see and do in New York City. Although I've squeezed in a lot over the past four days, I'm beyond thankful that I have the rest of the week to cross more attractions off my list!