Champagne Monday

Chocolate, exercise, tanning, champagne? All on a Monday? GET OUT! That's only for socialites and vacation-goers. And apparently me today 🙂 My friend, Jess, just finished up her Masters in Journalism and I have one week to go before I start my new job, so of course we decided to celebrate... on a weekday... with champagne! Best decision ever. It was a beautiful 18 degrees Celsius here (felt like 21 in the sunshine!) and spending the day outside was just the kick we needed to launch us into summer. It's about time I got started on a base tan too. My day was out of the ordinary, but amazing nonetheless! I woke up this morning and had a bite of chocolate brownie with my breakfast smoothie. It was an instant pick-me up. Chocolate for breakfast is a frequent craving of mine, but I certainly wouldn't eat it everyday. I went for a 20 minute jog around my neighbourhood and then swung by my house again to pick up Tundra for a dog-designated walk. It was my intention to do a workout with weights at the gym, but my still-aching muscles advised me that a light jog would be more beneficial. It's hard to say no to Tundra when his face is this cute.

Running with Dog

I wore shorts in April! These are the Banana Republic ones I ordered online.

Shorty shorts

Vintage star shirt (courtesy of my mom in her 80s days)!

New shorts

Popping bottles mid-day.

Pop bottles

It got sunnier.


 Brown rice pasta salad and champagne & grapefruit juice! So yummy.

Pasta Salad

I am so thankful for indulgent days like these. I am also excited to embark on my next chapter in life. Soon enough mid-day Monday drinking will be out of the question. I might as well enjoy it while I can!