A Girl in a Guy’s Shirt

This is a silly nonsensical post, but behind it lies the important premise that boredom can always be conquered with creativity. Given that today has been a drab and dreary rainy Wednesday and my cold has yet to go away, I was forced to find ways to entertain myself at home. While looking through old Pinterest posts I stumbled across this one: a tutorial for transforming a man's shirt into a woman's dress. I've always wanted to try it and yes, it can be done! All you need is a big dress shirt in any colour. Although I don't find these makeshift styles particularly practical and I would never wear them myself, it was fun to experiment and I can't wait to make my boyfriend believe that his shirts are unisex and now considered fair game. (Wink, wink.) Scenarios where these clothing options may be appropriate:
  • Your luggage gets stolen and there is a man you'd like to see shirtless
  • You need a last minute Halloween costume and the party starts in 2 minutes
  • You're meeting your boyfriend's parents and were planning on breaking up with him anyways
  • You got drunk and forgot which closet was yours
  • You're dreaming that you went to school naked and a man's shirt happens to be on the floor
  • Bedtime
I love no-sew clothing transformations, but this one needs a little nipping and tucking so the fact that you're wearing a boy's shirt isn't so obvious. With tailoring, some styles would actually be cute!

Big big shirt

Big shirt


Criss cross

Waist cinch

Fave style

Roger's shirt


Presents, presents, presents!!!

My friend Katelyn put her DIY skills to the test and made me a wonderful set of tea mugs! I adore the saying on the right one. There's no better way to start your morning than to sip from wisdom's cup and I'm quite positive it will ALWAYS stay full with the amount of tea we drink in our house! 🙂 Tea Optimism