Black and Blonde

Hey y'all! As I write this post I am desperately trying to avoid a slobbery dog from getting all up in my armpits. It's NOT working. He's absolutely bonkers right now! Have you ever witnessed a bucking horse before? Tundra is channeling one to a tee. IN MY KITCHEN. This is after we went for a big long walk. I just took him outside and made a game out of chasing him on and off the porch with a large broom. My neighbours probably think I'm crazy. If he doesn't stop trying to eat my hair and paw my shoulders ASAP I just might go postal. Help! I'm so glad I changed my outfit since this morning. I don't mind him dirtying up my lounge wear, but my every day attire? No thank you! All black

This is my cutesy black peplum top. I snagged it from The Bay! And my snagged I mean purchased. It was on sale, so I guess it was technically a steal.

Almost sunny

The theme of the day was simplicity.

Everything black I'm giddy this evening because I'm picking up a new car tomorrow!! Yay! I don't really get a lot of legit comments (just a lot of annoying spam!!) so I think it'd be really fun if you could try to guess my next vehicle!! 🙂  


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