Bikini Tomorrow… Detox Today!

I am SO happy to be done studying, but now I am suffering from the inevitable end-of-exam slump. Any student out there? You probably know exactly what I'm talking about here! You spend day after day avoiding the gym, putting off your exercise because you want to save your energy for hitting the books. That, and you're stressed. Of course it would make 100% sense to release some endorphins and sweat your frustrations out, but sometimes you just wanna eat pasta and cram in your comfies. I'm the worst for it! A month ago my arms used to look like this...


and now I can hardly lift my work bag without hurting myself. It's terrible. Sure, I've been running outside with my dog, but I miss the feeling and the confidence I get from lifting weights at the gym. After about 2.5 weeks of straight studying, energy drinks (shame on me, I know), and candy, I am in need of a quick health boost to get me back into routine.

That means an extra dosage of fruit, sleep, and water before I feel ready to conquer the gym again.

I've attempted 3-day Detox Diets before--there's a really good one on the Dr.Oz website--but I find it really hard to stick to a juice regime due to my allergies. A lot of recipes call for almond milk, soy products, and avocado--all foods that I have to stay away from. Instead, I just try to incorporate into my diet as much raw fruit and veggies as I can while drinking a ton of water and green tea. Yummy SMOOTHIES all the time! It's amazing how quickly your body responds to eating healthy foods, especially after a few days of cheating. You might tell yourself that you crave sweets, but your body is craving vitamins!!

I went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up on all the best things. I tried Coconut Water for the first time and I quite enjoy it. Next on my list is Coconut Oil--I hear it's a really great alternative to other cooking oils.


I made a Cherry, Blueberry, Grape, Pineapple, Coconut, Mango, Cran-Apple smoothie for breakfast. I added a hint of Cocoa powder and it was simply heavenly. Usually I add yogurt, but I brought a yogurt for lunch instead.


I made enough to pack a mid-morning snack.


Bathing suit season is creeping up so soon! It's easy to keep procrastinating--believe me, I rock at it--but I've done it long enough. One more beauty sleep and a couple of vitamin-packed smoothies and I'll be ready to go... TOMORROW!


Can't wait to hit the gym so I can hit the beach strong, healthy, and happy! 🙂


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