Anniversary Weekend 2.5

Happy Monday! This past weekend was a special one; Roger and I celebrated our two and a half year anniversary. Now I know that half years don't really count, but with Christmas and birthdays so far away it only makes sense to throw in something extra. I'm so glad we did!

Here's us on Friday night attending a birthday party for one of Roger's coworkers.

August 12th - Together

Our very first date--which also happened to be the first time we met--was at a busy diner downtown. After a night of dancing at the bar and carrying on with friends, we thought we'd recreate the magic once again... 2 and a bit years later. Back when we were young and silly, we ordered matching milkshakes--strawberry-banana for my potential new love interest, strawberry for me . The older, wiser, more experienced version of ourselves thought it best to follow tequila with water this time. Hence, when we stumbled into the diner on Friday night, no milkshakes were had. We instead enjoyed yummy mexican food and went home to a very happy dog.

On Saturday, as Roger was having boys' time at golf, I engaging in the art of speed-reading to finish my novel in time for Sunday's Book Club meeting. If you haven't read Gone Girl yet, you should! It's by Gillian Flynn and it's absolutely mind-blowing. Sympathetic at best, infuriating at worst... all around a great read. So Saturday was a bit of a down day. We topped off our evening with a movie and a dog walk.

August 12th - It Takes Two

On Sunday my friend Katelyn came to visit. We've both had a hankering (never used that word before, but it seemed fitting) to watch "It Takes Two" with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen--a 1995 classic. A girls' day would not be complete without baked goods or candy, so we paired up and winged a Cinnamon Bun Cake. It was SO good with vanilla pudding! There were zero complaints about it being entirely gluten-free!

August 12th - Cinnamon Cake

To wind down the weekend's festivities, I attended Book Club on Sunday evening. This month's meeting so happened to fall on the host's birthday (okay, it might have been planned). Kate had her house wonderfully decorated to suit the "Masquerade Ball" theme. We made masks, drank wine, and shared our mutual aggravation at the book's denouement and shocking conclusion.

August 12th - Balloons

Glue guns and everything! I was in craft heaven.

August 12th - Crafts

My mask:

August 12th - Mask

This photo is a little blurry, but Kate even made us little jello shooters for the occasion.

August 12th - Table

What a satisfying weekend! I summed up its perfection for Roger last night: "We celebrated our anniversary with a date on Friday. Then you went golfing with the boys on Saturday and I got to read my book. I went to Book Club on Sunday and you got to play video games. And by the time we reunited you baked me a chicken casserole and I brought you home some bubblegum cupcakes!" That's true love right there.