Day 3 in NYC: Chelsea Market, Walking the Highline & Shopping

A cup of Orange Pekoe in hand, the Manhattan skyline out my window, warm cozy socks that go up past my knees... my life is complete! I've only been in NYC for three days, but I already see why it's easy for others to call it home. Roger's condo is within walking distance to everything--boutiques, restaurants, pharmacies and the Subway is right around the corner should you need to trek further. Cabs are inexpensive, the food is amazing and there's always something entertaining going on. As enticed as I am to move here, I know that my sense of reality has been clouded by the fact that our accommodations are covered. Living on the island would require quite the salary boost; the apartments here are far from cheap. Not only that but it would be easy to get sucked into a spending vortex with all the exciting things to do and fashion trends to follow. I resolve to enjoy the high life while I can!!


For starters, I splurged and got my hair coloured at the John Barrett salon on Fifth Avenue. Located on the 9th floor of Bergdorf Goodman's, it was a lovely way to kick off my vacation. My stylist added a few lowlights to blend in with my blonde and I left perfectly coiffed with a wavy blow-out. I felt pretty and pampered for my stroll past Tiffany's, Gucci, and Prada. I loved, loved, loved Henri Bendel! Such cute accessories and amazing scented candles.
Today we took the Subway from Columbus Circle to Chelsea Market, which I also adored. One of the stores was having an "Everything for $10" Sample Sale, so Roger bought a flannel shirt and I bought a tartan kilt (random, but I swear it's cute.) We perused the endless bakeries and novelty shops before having a sit down brunch at Friedman's. The lovely thing about our meal was that all menu items could be made gluten-free. A must-visit for anyone with allergies!




After brunch, we walked from 14th street to 34th Street atop the Highline--an elevated 1.45 mile Railroad turned pathway--and sought shelter from the snow with a Starbucks tea latte and a visit to Macy's. We didn't quite make it to Time Square or the Empire State Building today, but we hope to check them off our list tomorrow.




My tea is done and a glass of California Zinfandel has been poured for me... so long for now!