Scrabble Coasters

I'm feeling exceptionally creative this holiday season! After completing most of my shopping on Amazon, I had a considerable amount of free time to get in touch with my crafty side while waiting for my packages to arrive. Our Christmas tree went up a few days shy of December and craving more festive flair, I decked out the bannisters with garland, deco-mesh, and sparkly holly berries (all purchased from the local dollar store). It's certainly looks a lot like Christmas in our home!

Dec 23 - Bannister

I work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day this year, so I had to make the most of holiday lead-up time. Thankfully my wonderful family (close and extended!) catered to my schedule and we were able to shift the festivities back a couple of days. I took three vacation days last week and Roger, Tundra, and I headed up to the country to visit my parents. We celebrated Christmas Eve on Friday, the 20th with my Dad's family and Christmas Day on Saturday, the 21st with my Mom's family. From the Secret Santa gift exchanges to the Eggnog by the fireplace, everything was perfect--it just goes to show that it's not the physical day that matters, but the company you share it with. (Presents help too, hehe.)

Dec 23 - Tree

I spent the majority of my vacation days making gifts--a recipe scrapbook for my mom (detailed post to follow) and awesome customized drink coasters for Roger.

Oh, Scrabble Tile Coasters... where have you been all life?! My heart broke a little as I plundered the wooden letters from my favourite board game, but I now beam with satisfaction every time I drink my tea. I absolutely adore these witty coasters and they were easy-peasy to make. All you need are the following materials:

- 4 inch x 3.5 inch cork squares or pre-made coasters (I purchased pre-made ones and my Dad cut them to size for me)

- wood glue

- polyurethane stain & brush

Dec 23 - Before

Squeeze a thin layer of glue onto the cork backing. Arrange the letters. Allow to dry on a flat surface with 90 degree edges. When the glue is dry, seal the tiles by applying a thin layer of clear polyurethane.

Dec 23 - Template

Dec 23 - Scrabble Coasters

Roger and I were so excited to exchange presents this year that we gave into temptation early. I suggested tea on Sunday afternoon, which led to Roger giving me my milk frother, which led to me giving him his coasters. So there we were conveniently sipping tea lattes by the Christmas tree with pretty presents in plain view. We couldn't resist unwrapping all of them! To savour a hint of holiday magic we will give each other cards on Christmas morning.

Dec 23 - Tea

So this post explains why I didn't get around to doing any holiday baking this year... I was too busy decorating and making crafts!


DIY Tea Latte with Whipped Milk

There are three things you should know about me: I like being thrifty, I am always cold, and I LOVE tea.

If you are anything like me, you will adore this easy-peasy, super cheap, and über yummy Tea Latte recipe. It's the perfect pick-me-up for a chilly winter afternoon. Throw on some Christmas music and you'll be feeling comfy cozy in no time!

All you need is:

- Lactancia French Vanilla Milk (I assume soy or almond milk would work too if you're lactose intolerant!)

- Pumpkin Pie Spice (or a few dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves)

- Steeped Orange Pekoe Tea

Steep tea with spices. In a shallow stove pot on medium heat, add milk and whisk briskly until warm and frothy. Pour the milk mixture into a mug to about halfway. Top up with prepared tea and sprinkle with a bit more spice!

December 15 - Pumpkin Pie

December 15 - Whisk

December 15 - Chai