Goodbye Wisdom Teeth

Greetings from a slightly drugged-up chipmunk!

Day 3 post-wisdom teeth extraction and I am still feeling the effects of the surgery. Despite educated advice from my peers--"Don't make any plans... all you'll want to do is sleep!"--I secretly had high hopes for my recuperation period. I envisioned myself sipping tea while day-trading stocks, writing a few excerpts of a novel, and perhaps painting my upstairs office a bright new hue. I had my heart set on productivity, yet somewhere between the planning and fulfillment of these tasks, my dreams were dashed by puffy cheeks, ice packs and Codeine. To add insult to injury, I fell ill with the flu two days before my appointment, so my body longed for rest and relaxation instead of activity. So much for the whole superwoman thing.

Now I'm just living it up on vanilla pudding, orange strawberry banana juice, and Tylenol 3s. Oh, and sleep. Lots of sleep. To be honest, I took a wee nap in the middle of writing this post and I would still be sleeping if Roger didn't come along and pinch my feet. (At least it wasn't my cheeks... that would have ended badly.)

Prior to my operation I was quite nervous. I feared that the anaesthetic would fail to reach me in time or that I'd freak out at the sight of the IV needle before the nurse could administer it. Luckily I was out like a light and awake again in what felt like seconds. The only thing I remember is telling the hygienist that I thought she was pretty. It was by far the quickest $1950 dollars I ever spent on something I technically never got to "experience". I slept the rest of the day with two ice packs secured to my face with a stretchy hairband. Thank goodness for Gravol and a boyfriend to hold my hair back... I was sleepy and nauseas for the remainder of the day.

Oct 19 - Sleep

Roger was designated as my Responsible Adult and on-demand hugger; he made sure I took my medications in a timely manner and kept me upright through my dizzy spells. He also made the wise choice of buying a Snack Pack of pudding. He even ate the chocolate cups so I didn't have to.

Oct 19 - Drugs

Even though my cheeks are swollen and sore and I can feel stitches in my gums, I managed to find the silver lining in my discomfort. For starters, my parents sent me beautiful flowers from the homeland with well wishes for a speedy recovery. So thoughtful, I love them!

Oct 19 - Flowers

Also on the bright side, I've had SIX vanilla pudding cups since Thursday.

Oct 19 - Pudding

I made smoothies for breakfast each morning--the most acceptable and healthy way to indulge in dark chocolate everyday.

Oct 19 - Smoothies

I treated myself to an expensive scented candle--a necessary pick-me-up until I can enjoy my own baking again.

Oct 19 - Candle

And when you're slightly drugged up, you can easily get away with silly things like dressing your dog up in a fuzzy scarf and taking pictures of him on a new fancy doormat. He later ate said mat.

Oct 19 - Mat

It was not ideal to get sick and have my wisdom teeth removed in the same week, but the optimist in me sees it as a blessing--as soon as the pain wears off, I'll be ready to tackle the world and feel awesome while doing it--just with four less teeth.

Oct 19 - Train your mind


Peanut Butter Apple Sandwiches (for the Peanut Allergic)!

Rain, track pants, and a new book on my Kobo made for the laziest Sunday EVER. After a whirlwind week of 5am wake-ups, I embraced a weekend void of plans like a long-lost friend. Although peppered with outings--a busy Costco shop and a trip to the gym--we, for the most part, savoured our weekend from the comfort of our home. I'm not ashamed to admit it--it's moments like this that we'll miss one day. Between episodes of lounging about in a perceivably boring manner, I managed to create for us an excitement of sorts: A new culinary quest! I decided to make use of the allergen-free Peanut Butter in our fridge--a purchase my roommate made on a whim. I was a little weirded out by it--I mean it looked like Peanut Butter, it smelled like what I imagined Peanut Butter to smell like, and it had that same thick consistency. It resembled my worst nightmare in a jar, but it was made of soy and boasted to be gluten, peanut, egg & dairy-free. I tried a bit on my finger and needless to say, I survived the ordeal and it was actually quite delicious. Naturally, I have never had the opportunity to bake with Peanut Butter before, so my expertise was limited and my imagination thin. After some quick creative thinking, we ended the weekend on a surprisingly effective sweet note--Granny Smith apple sandwiches with soy butter, raisins & chocolate chips! Oct 6 - Yum Oct 6 - Apple Sandwiches

 I have no idea if this stuff really does compare to authentic Peanut Butter, but for me it added just the right hint of adventure to an otherwise blissfully uneventful weekend.

Oct 6 - WowButter


Cheers to New Chairs

Oct 3 - Caesars

The much anticipated day has arrived... my living room has finally sprung to life! Isn't it just absolutely marvellous??

I am so happy with how everything has come together, especially with the addition of the new furniture. From the floor to the walls to the paintings to the chairs... I am beyond thrilled with the result. So cozy and inviting, I've designated this space as my blog office/reading nook/afternoon tea room. I simply do not wish to leave it.

Oct 3 - Couch

Oct 3 - Seat

I suppose the only downside is that Roger and I now need to enjoy our evening activities at separate ends of the house!

Oct 3 - Gaming