Have a Series of 7 fruity drinks for me!!

Happy Weekend everyone and Happy LONG Weekend to my fellow Canadians! Whatever your plans may be I hope everyone is gearing up for a safe and satisfying break filled with friends, family, BBQs, and beverages (alcoholic or not--whatever floats your boat)! For those that are working, I hope your coworkers and customers are friendly! For those that are studying--like me--please take comfort in the fact that you are not alone and that wine is a perfectly acceptable way to reward (or motivate) yourself in the process.

I write my Series 7 exam not this Monday, but the following Monday, so I am dedicating part of my weekend to reviewing lecture slides and doing practice questions. Oh joy, I know! It will all pay off in the end though; I just have to pass my Series 7, then Series 63, and I will join the ranks as a registered investment representative! I apologize for not posting much since I've started working--I've had a serious case of "study brain". It's like pregnancy brain, but for those studying for excessive periods of time... say 7+ hours per day. Guh. Roger could contest to this notion. Spilling tea on myself, forgetting where I put things, drinking pop when I don't even like it, only half-listening to conversations, seeing bond yield equations in my sleep--all part of the fun! I promise I will be back to normal come July!!!

Although I must admit, I will miss the excuse to do this:

Study fun

Missing out on the fun can be a bummer, but I have high hopes for a fun summer once I'm done with training!! In the meantime, I play my weekends low key and have occasional shopping trips. I love my new Kensie Girl dress--it's from The Bay, of course. My only complaint is that it's very bottom-heavy, so the material pulls down away from my body without giving me much shape. It's super comfy though!

Shortly before this picture was taken, Tundra came up behind me and put a big paw on my shoulder, hence the scrunch-face. This is his form of love.

The usual

I wanted to wear a necklace, but it was tangled up in my other necklaces πŸ™ My mind can't handle tangible knots right now, only non-physical brainteasers. Ha.

Striped dress

I wish I had dog-whispering powers. Sadly, I do not. This picture captures the calm before the jump.

Big dog

I really liked my hair yesterday. My wand curling iron works wonders for effortless curls.


I didn't try to take a picture with my dog. My dog just insists on being in pictures with me. I think he's in it for the head-scratching.

Dogs and Stripes

Please have some fruity drinks and get some sunshine for me! And if you're one of the lucky ones that gets to relax by the lake or on the beach, have an absolute blast!! πŸ™‚


Pink Blazers and Hot, Hot, Hot Tea

Something I loved about today: My new coral blazer. Something I could have done without: Fire drill at work. Something I wish I could take back: Spilling a boiling hot cup of tea on my tummy. OUCH! Something I look forward to: Tea attempt # 2 with the windows open and a fresh state of mind. When life spills tea on your body... break out the blowdryer, cry a little, call your mom, and make another one! (Roger's going to supervise me this time.) P.S. I'm super excited today because it's my Dad's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!) and Roger and I have plans to visit my parents in my hometown this weekend! I'm counting down the days. Despite my little tea mishap and the fact that I winced through the morning with a burn under my shirt, I'm finding it impossible to be negative when there's so many other things to be excited about in life. Even the little things, like feeling good in an outfit and knowing that you got it on sale.

Pink Blazer

Hello pants

Short frame

Pink Pink

I haven't strayed far with my shopping bag lately. The pants are Jessica Simpson brand from The Bay. The blazer is also Jessica Simpson brand from The Bay. The black shirt underneath--I've had that thing FOREVER. It's one of those $6 H&M cotton tank tops. The belt of course is from ASOS. The COACH clutch was a birthday gift from my parents.

I am so happy that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. It's funny how in Canada we make such a big deal when the seasons change. The way we rant and rave about the warm weather it's as if we've never experienced it before. Even though only a handful of months have passed, it has been a long time to wait. Bring on the sunshine and bright colours!


Low Maintenance Morning

Goooood morning! Another sunny May morning... another perfect excuse to dress summery and spend a few moments outside before work. Thanks to my live-in photographer, I was able to have a few shots taken before a long day of studying indoors. (Thanks Roger!!!)

Hands on hips

Surprise, surprise. My shirt is from Banana Republic. My pants are Lord and Taylor brand from The Bay. I ordered the belt online from ASOS. The gold bracelet was a gift--it's from Nine West. My hair literally takes 3 minutes to curl and holds all day with my handy dandy tapered wand curling iron, hence the "low maintenance" comment. Roger doesn't believe me... but my hair is pretty thin, so curling it is super easy and not as time consuming as one would think.

Back of pants

I'm a big fan of neutral colours...

Beige and Black

and I love the comfort that these wedges afford.They are a breeze to walk in unlike many other higher heels I own.

Back Yard

Roger spent much of last Sunday morning mowing the grass, laying down grass seed, and getting the sprinkler set up on our lawn. As you can see, there is a long way to go until we have a lush green landscape, but the beautification process is in the works!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!! πŸ™‚


Banana Logic

I HATE bananas. I hate the smell, I hate the texture, I hate how they turn brown and icky, and even though I haven't eaten one in years, I know I hate the taste. I'm usually pretty keen on most foods, obsessed at best and neutral at worst (save for the ones I'm allergic to, which don't count), but there's something about bananas that bring out a negative side in me. I think it stems from being allergic to them in my toddler years. Contrary to my extreme loathing for banana fruit, I love the very store that bears the same name. Go figure. As you might have conjectured from previous posts, I love to shop at Banana Republic.

Straight Business

Yep, the whole outfit is Banana, except the shoes! They are Calvin Klein wedges from The Bay.

Look Down

I forgot I was still wearing a hair tie on my wrist. It always seems to be an unintentional staple.

Morning outfit

This is what I call my "Cowgirl shirt". I bought it specifically for the Calgary Stampede last year and now it's my dressy-enough-to-be-work-attire/casual-enough-to-be-comfy-all-day shirt!

Powder Room

This is my most favourite COACH purse. From the Legacy Collection, it's a timeless leather piece with a surprising amount of storage space. Please note: The clasp should be closed. While searching for a link on the COACH website, I was led to believe that this particular purse was a limited time find; however, there is another that is similar. I absolutely love this purse.Β The novelty of having it has yet to wear off and my mom gifted it to me last Christmas.

So there you have it--the bananas I hate, the Banana I love, and the things I go bananas for!