Polka dot polka dot polka dot PANTS

Good morning!!!

So fantastic news... I passed my Series 7 exam on Monday!! The exam was 6 hours in total and of course I took the whole time to write because that's how I roll. I can't even describe the excitement I felt when the time was up and I saw my mark flash onto the screen. Let's just say if someone handed me a bottle of champagne I would have drank it in 10 seconds flat, hugged a few strangers, and passed out on the spot.

I studied my butt off and had the zombie look to prove it. Now I'm on to bigger and better things (once I pass my Series 63 in two weeks)!

I have two distinct rituals to choose from after an exam. One involves crying. The second one involves shopping. Both involve wine.

Seeing that this attempt was a major success, I hit up the mall and treated myself to polka-dot pants (among other things)! My mom actually bought these first and I copied her. I simply adore them! I found them at the Gap.

Fancy pants

I called ALL the drug stores and beauty supply outlets in the city asking if they carried "bun foundations" for sock buns (because Tundra might have eaten my last one.) With no luck, I ended up making myself an easy-peasy sock bun with a rolled up sock. (All you have to do is cut the foot part out of the sock first.) Amazing!

Please take note: The tree branches are close to the same colour as my hair; they look as though they are growing out of it.

Polka dot pants



I love zippers on shirts. This one adds a lot of character to an otherwise lack-luster shirt.

View from the back

Don't mind the crooked pictures... some nights I get super excited for bedtime that I knock things off the walls.

Hallway stairs

My New Car: Say Hello to Mambo # 5

One, two, three, four, five everybody in the car so come on let's ride! I know I said I'd probably never write another car post, but in light of recent events, I simply can't avoid it. Yep, I FINALLY BOUGHT A NEW CAR!! Well, actually it's a not a car. It's a van... a sportier version of a van. I had been researching vehicles for a while and after test driving a few compact cars I came to an epiphany--I didn't want a car. I was benchmarking every single vehicle to my (t)rusty old Caravan! I wanted optimal visibility, a higher vantage point, and enough trunk space to fit a large dog sitting comfortably. That's when I switched gears and started looking at small size SUVs and minivans. Go big or go home, right? I really liked the Kia Sorento, Ford Escape, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Nissan Rogue for their looks, but the Mazda 5 so happened to meet my criteria and my price point. What sealed the deal was the fact that it was available right away. Everyone was so nice to me the day that I picked it up. To kick things off, the receptionist at the dealership offered me homemade cookies and tea. Whilst reading a girly magazine in the waiting room, multiple employees struck up conversations with me about my impending purchase and whether or not I was enjoying said tea--apparently their selection is "auto" this world. It felt so surreal to have the keys handed over to me and even more so to drive it home, knowing that it was mine. I now have not one, but two vans in my driveway. (Still trying to figure out how to retire the other one...) Let me know if you want me to drive your kids to soccer! 😉 Mambo # 5

Black and Blonde

Hey y'all! As I write this post I am desperately trying to avoid a slobbery dog from getting all up in my armpits. It's NOT working. He's absolutely bonkers right now! Have you ever witnessed a bucking horse before? Tundra is channeling one to a tee. IN MY KITCHEN. This is after we went for a big long walk. I just took him outside and made a game out of chasing him on and off the porch with a large broom. My neighbours probably think I'm crazy. If he doesn't stop trying to eat my hair and paw my shoulders ASAP I just might go postal. Help! I'm so glad I changed my outfit since this morning. I don't mind him dirtying up my lounge wear, but my every day attire? No thank you! All black

This is my cutesy black peplum top. I snagged it from The Bay! And my snagged I mean purchased. It was on sale, so I guess it was technically a steal.

Almost sunny

The theme of the day was simplicity.

Everything black I'm giddy this evening because I'm picking up a new car tomorrow!! Yay! I don't really get a lot of legit comments (just a lot of annoying spam!!) so I think it'd be really fun if you could try to guess my next vehicle!! 🙂  

Swearing in the driver’s seat of a car that isn’t mine

If you're not one for swear words, try driving a standard car for the first time.  It is effing hard! The reason I attempted is because my van finally broke down past the point of repair. Poor, poor Leonidis has reached the end of the road and is resting sadly in the driveway like a tarnished gold trophy worn well past its prime. The loss is bittersweet to me: As much as I loved him so, it is definitely time for a new and more reliable model. Unfortunately all dealerships are closed for the long weekend and finding a replacement isn't the easiest to do when you're in a pinch. Roger got the brilliant idea to lend me his car--just to get me to and from work until I find another vehicle that suits me. Let's just say I'll stick to the bus or an automatic rental for now...

Shut up and drive

My emotional state while learning to drive a manual transmission ranged from hesitation to exhilaration, from extreme stress to almost success. Luckily I had a pretty patient guy in the passenger seat to see me through the lesson. He urged me to continue when I felt like giving up and he beamed alongside me when I mastered a new skill. He only grimaced a little when I stalled for the 8th time in a row.


Rule # 1: If you're learning to drive standard for the first time, pick the most deserted, corn-fieldy-est, dirt road that you can find. Rule # 2: Try not to wear too much make-up--just in case you cry a little. Rule # 3: Get familiar with the 4 ways. Rule # 4: Have your waving hand ready for laughing farmers as they pass.

Learning how to drive

It's not that I'm a bad driver--I swear I'm better than most--but finding the perfect balance (the sweet spot as Roger calls it) between the clutch and the gas was incredibly frustrating. I kept trying to start the car from 3rd gear, which is apparently a major no-no. I think I'll be A-okay once I remember to always shift to 1st gear after breaking. Being a good driver is a confidence thing; there is no way I'd successfully drive a manual car in busy traffic tomorrow, but I'm 100% positive that I'll be great after a few more times behind the wheel. In the meantime, wish me luck on the car shopping!! Now excuse me while I wash my potty mouth out with soap... 😉