Airport Embraces

If you're an avid watcher of chick flicks you'll understand my obsession with the "airport embrace". It's that moment of pure bliss when lovers embrace after a long spell apart. They step towards each other and it's as if the world around them stops spinning. Nothing else matters. The boy picks up the girl, spins her around in a dramatic fashion and then proceeds to dip her into the most sensual oh-darling-how-I've-missed-you kiss ever. Sigh. Why yes, I've visualized this scenario a lot. In my fantasies I'm always the one stepping off the plane. From Paris, no less. I put the blame on television for my high expectations. Take the Friends episode where Rachel is leaving for Paris and Ross doesn't want her to go... She calls him from the plane and leaves a message expressing her love and desire to see him. Her message gets cut off and we are left in suspense about whether or not she gets off the plane until she appears in Ross' doorway and says, "I got off the plane". And then they kiss. And you can finally exhale. Damn you, Friends. I will never, ever settle for a simple hug or cheek kiss. But is it really too much for a girl to ask? I believe the "airport embrace" to be a healthy facet of every romantic union, regardless of how cheesy and cliché it is. I've been blessed with the opportunity for many airport-esque embraces over the course of my relationship with Roger; however, we haven't had one of epic proportions yet. He travels a lot for work and I love that his frequent overnight jaunts grant us the time to miss each other. Back from business trip hugs are the next best thing to full on movie magic. I started writing this blog post while sitting in Starbucks, sipping a grande Chai Tea Latte, waiting for Roger's plane to arrive back in town. His impending return got me thinking about the "embrace" again. If only it was me stepping off that plane... The funny thing is he totally read my mind. I finally felt that blissful feeling I was waiting for. He set down his luggage, lifted me up and hugged me tightly around the waist. I guess these girly fantasies really do play out! I am one happy girl today. 🙂 I got off the plane Hug Kissing off the plane P.S. That is my all-time favourite Friends moment.

A Girl in a Guy’s Shirt

This is a silly nonsensical post, but behind it lies the important premise that boredom can always be conquered with creativity. Given that today has been a drab and dreary rainy Wednesday and my cold has yet to go away, I was forced to find ways to entertain myself at home. While looking through old Pinterest posts I stumbled across this one: a tutorial for transforming a man's shirt into a woman's dress. I've always wanted to try it and yes, it can be done! All you need is a big dress shirt in any colour. Although I don't find these makeshift styles particularly practical and I would never wear them myself, it was fun to experiment and I can't wait to make my boyfriend believe that his shirts are unisex and now considered fair game. (Wink, wink.) Scenarios where these clothing options may be appropriate:
  • Your luggage gets stolen and there is a man you'd like to see shirtless
  • You need a last minute Halloween costume and the party starts in 2 minutes
  • You're meeting your boyfriend's parents and were planning on breaking up with him anyways
  • You got drunk and forgot which closet was yours
  • You're dreaming that you went to school naked and a man's shirt happens to be on the floor
  • Bedtime
I love no-sew clothing transformations, but this one needs a little nipping and tucking so the fact that you're wearing a boy's shirt isn't so obvious. With tailoring, some styles would actually be cute!

Big big shirt

Big shirt


Criss cross

Waist cinch

Fave style

Roger's shirt


Bloglovin’ Link

There is a way to follow your favourite blogs from one easy-to-use site. In order to link up my blog to their site I had to write a new post sharing the link. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to say THANK YOU for all your views and support. I truly appreciate the love!! 🙂 <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Exercise on a “sweatshirt day”

You know those days where you don't really feel like going out in public? I'm having one today. In high school I used to call them my "sweatshirt days". I went to a Catholic school that required students to wear uniforms and on days where I wasn't feeling my 100% self, I would wear the biggest, baggiest hoodie available and literally camp out in it all day. It's not that I was a hermit all the time--I just needed a comfy day to reset myself. Nowadays, I find the best way to get out of a slump is to exercise. Even if you can't make it to a gym, you can work up a sweat in your own apartment, dorm, or home. You can wear anything you want, listen to any music you want, and make as many huffing and puffing and grunting noises that you can possibly muster up. That's the beauty of the home workout. I'm starting my new desk job in TWO WEEKS ( ! ) which means that in two weeks I'll be sitting on my bum all day. With that thought in mind, I made a pact with myself to be as active as possible until then. So no gym today = running outside with Tundra and yoga/pilates upstairs in the sunny spare bedroom.

Yoga Day

Oops! Note to self: I seriously need to Windex my mirrors after this. I have a workout DVD called Pilates Target Specifics that I ordered online in second year university. I used to wake up early every morning before class to do it at my duplex! It has instructional exercise videos to target the abs, arms, hips, and thighs. I originally bought it because the instructor had the coolest 80s style one-piece Spandex suit. I soon found it to be a very good go-to resource when you want to tone at home. Here I am doing the abs section--ouch.

Yoga socks

On an end note--that baggy sweatshirt that I wore in high school--I still wear it every time I visit my parents. I was wearing it while cleaning out my childhood bedroom last week and I stumbled across a health journal that I kept in Grade 10 Gym Class.

Health Journal

 Ohhh high school... when you only had to laugh to stay in shape! I feel a bit better now. I might even run some errands sans baggy Varsity sweatshirt.